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#100DaysOfCode, Day 022 – Corey Schafer Python Video Marathon

Am done with the Corey Python Playlist.
This is what, me and my battered brain feel like.

image, courtesy Quora

Flash, Django, Matplotlib, best practices, all done and dusted.

Getting back to actually writing code, tomorrow onwards.
Corey’s tutorials are extremely helpful.
They helped gain an understanding of Python, that I never thought I could, in a timeframe, I never expected. (even without the crazy binging, this is at most a month of video; and this could probably be the best investement, you could make, if you are a beginner like me.)

And obviously, I have only watched the videos.
I have hopefully understood most of them to some degree.
Mastery obviously will come with practice.

127 of 127, done!

#100DaysOfCode, Days 019 & 020 – Corey Schafer Python Video Marathon

Only a few more videos done on the Corey run.
But those were important ones.

I finally got classes. Like got, got them.
And I learnt about subclasses and dunder methods and decorators and getters and setters and all that jazz.
And I understood it all.
And now when I sit to code or read other people’s code, it won’t be as frustrating.

And the more I watch and practice and read code, the more I seem to understand. Python seems to be slowly getting into my muscle memory.
A dam seems to have broken.
I don’t struggle as much.
(That could also mean, I am not reading complicated code yet :P)

49 of 127, done.

How to be Unhappy (Or Happy!)

Riffing off a quote in last week’s newsletter,

Make any behaviour you want to encourage easier to do, and any behaviour you want to discourage harder to do.

How to Be Unhappy:

  • stay inside all day
  • move as little as possible
  • spend more than you earn
  • take yourself (and life) too seriously
  • look for reasons why things won’t work
  • always consume, never contribute
  • resent the lucky and successful
  • never say hello first
  • be unreliable

Invert for happiness:

  • get outside each day
  • move: walk, exercise, dance
  • spend less than you earn
  • view life as play
  • be the one who looks for solutions
  • develop a bias to contribute and create
  • learn from the lucky and successful
  • be the first to say hello
  • be reliable

I stole this from James Clear’s 3–2–1 newsletter.
You should subscribe. They are short, pithy and awesome!

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